Extremely dense breasts

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Caroline Ho, MD. The Federal Drug Administration FDA has proposed a change that requires mammography facilities to include information about breast density in letters to patients regarding their annual mammogram. Although this is a change on a national level, Minnesota has been required to share this information with patients since

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I did what the medical field and the countless number of cancer advocacy groups told me. I ate healthy, did monthly self exams, exercised daily, had yearly mammograms AND had no first-degree relative with breast cancer. Little did I know at the time that there was information about my health which impacts my life outcomes that was being kept from me — the patient — and others like me.

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Some mammogram reports sent to women mention breast density. Your health care provider can also tell you if your mammogram shows that you have dense breasts. In some states, women whose mammograms show heterogenously dense or extremely dense breasts must be told that they have dense breasts in the summary of the mammogram report that is sent to patients sometimes called the lay summary.

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Dense breast tissue is detected on a mammogram. Additional imaging tests are sometimes recommended for women with dense breasts. If a recent mammogram showed you have dense breast tissue, you may wonder what this means for your breast cancer risk. Doctors know dense breast tissue makes breast cancer screening more difficult and it increases the risk of breast cancer.

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Rhode Island recently joined California and 16 other states with the passage of a breast density inform law requiring radiologists to inform women when screening mammography reveals dense breast tissue. Nancy Cappello, Ph. She had received regular screening mammograms for about a decade and none revealed cancer.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Breast density is a strong, prevalent, and potentially modifiable risk factor for breast cancer, which makes it of special interest to clinicians whose jobs involve breast cancer risk prediction. Kerlikowske delivered the John I. Mammographic breast density is a radiologic term, Dr.

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Breast density is a measure used to describe mammogram images. Breasts are made up of breast tissue the milk ducts and lobules, which may be called glandular tissue and fat. Connective tissue helps hold everything place. Learn more about breast anatomy.

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Dense breasts have less fatty tissue and more non-fatty tissue compared to breasts that aren't dense. Dense breasts have more gland tissue that makes and drains milk and supportive tissue also called stroma that surrounds the gland. Breast density can be inherited, so if your mother has dense breasts, it's likely you will, too.

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Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography to detect cancer. Up to half of breast cancers cannot be seen on the mammogram in women with dense breasts. This leads to missed cancers that are discovered at later stages, resulting in more invasive treatments and a poorer prognosis. A wonderful grass-roots organization was founded by women personally affected by this lack of information www.


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