Im a hustler cassidy lyrics

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Seven days of the week I hustle! Just to stay on my feet To all my single parent mothers just tryna survive Doing what you gotta do, working nine to five Cause you hustle! Gotta put food on the table You hustle!

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Cass Always Stays Hard " Face 2 Face lyrics - Cassidy. Cassidy Who be flippin all the cain man?

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I win a lot when I bet, so I spend a lot, the rocks on my neck they weigh more than a cinder block. To move forward I had to guard and defend the rock and I got more blocks than a cinder got. Shaq style the gat loud when I send the shots, if there's drama I'm like Dahmer you dinner ha!

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I'm A Hustla Remix feat. Mary J. The Problem vs. The Hustla.

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I'm a hustler, I'm a-I'm a hustler homey yeah! Nigga ask a This for all my niggaz that's goin through the struggle

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Fuck that shit this the south side, got a fat dick on your mouth wide I've come to take outside, nah do it right here Hop out later on yea on everybody's home that you fuckin with Wheezy F baby, please say the baby Riding with your bitch got keys on the lady Triple gold D's four tires on the whip Young Carter sliding out I'm flyer than the whip Yeah, higher than an angel, amd hotter than the devil The pot or kettle, uh The metal let 'em burn like Usher but worser, If there's any beef I come Ron like Mercer, uh Word up, eagle street I'm throwing my curve up We take your ice cream and turn you into sherbert I got flow I'm like "Sure" but, if it's about dough I'm like "Sure 'nuff" I'm from the bird bunch, Birdman Jr. I ain't saying too much and that's that Cause that cat you embracing with love Might clap that gat cause he got hate in his blood Keep your friends at a distance and your enemies close Cause the folks you call friends tend to envy the most Some cats'll hang themselves if you give'em a rope Burn the bridge and don't give a boat, let'em sink Sometimes you gotta give'em some time to let'em think Or sometimes you gotta give'em the nine and let'em stink You can't bring every horse to the pond and let'em drink I'd rather keep my eyes wide open instead of blink Cuz soon as your eyes shut, them niggaz will ride up And the guys that you trusted be getting you tied up And we all gotta die, but I ain't ready to leave That's why even if it's petty I be ready to squeeze But for the cheddar the cheese, guac-a-moola I pop the ruger, send that hot shit through ya! Like booya!

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Sign In Register. Album: I'm A Hustla. Gotta hold my man down we ain't playin' around Got his back at all times that's the bottom line 'Cause we hustle 'Til the day we die 'Cause we hustle To keep our love alive To my fam' in the streets we bringing the heat Cassidy and Mary J.

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Speak to me of universal laws The whores hustle and the hustlers whore All playing today I'm a hustler don't you know I'm a hustler making that dough I'm a. Lyrics to "I'm A Hustla" song by Cassidy: I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler homey I got the product, narcotics for Nigga ask about me nigga nigga ask about me. I'm a hustla ask about, ask about me [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 3] Yeah they made you got saved don't be spend the change. In fifth grade I was hustling my.


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