Red spots on the bottom of feet

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It is late in the summer when a year-old Caucasian female, employed as a medical assistant in your foot and ankle clinic, presents with a two-day history of red spots on her feet. The red spots became small fluid-filled vesicles, which are present mostly on the soles. She says she has broken one of the small vesicles and it expressed a clear fluid.

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Hand, foot, and mouth disease HFM is a common viral infection that causes painful red blisters in the mouth and throat, and on the hands, feet, and diaper area. HFM is contagious and easily spreads to others through contact with unwashed hands, feces poopsaliva spitmucus from the nose, or fluid from the blisters. Kids under age 5 are most at risk for HFM, as infections are common in childcare centers, preschools, and other places where kids are in close quarters.

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Alex Folkl has been writing for more than eight years and has had work appear in several peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed scientific publications. He has a bachelor's degree in biology, a master's degree in pathobiology, and an MD. Finding small red bumps on the bottom of your foot can be alarming.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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The red spots on your feet are most likely due to a reaction to something, like a fungus, insect, or preexisting condition. Have you been outside barefoot or wearing sandals? If so, then you may have been bitten by an insect, such as a:.

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For people with diabeteshaving too much glucose sugar in their blood for a long time can cause some serious complications, including foot and skin problems, as well as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye damage, and other problems. If you have an infection that will not heal because of poor blood flow, you are at risk for developing gangrene, which is the death of tissue due to a lack of blood. To keep gangrene from spreading, the doctor may have to remove a toe, foot, or part of a leg.

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Back to Health A to Z. Many things can cause a rash in babies and children, and they're often nothing to worry about. Use the information on this page to get an idea of what to do about a rash.

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Athlete's foot tinea pedisalso known as ringworm of the foot, is a surface superficial fungal infection of the skin of the foot. Though it is not commonly found in children, athlete's foot is the most common fungal disease in humans. Athlete's foot may be passed to humans by direct contact with infected people, infected animals, contaminated objects such as towels or locker room floorsor the soil. Athlete's foot may occur in people of all ages, of all races, and of both sexes.

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Red spots on the top or bottom of your feet can be indicative of local problems, such as athlete foot or bug bites, or a medical condition that involves other parts of the body, such as diabetes. Some cases are accompanied with no pain at all, but others may cause significant pain. Examination of the accompanying symptoms will help you, or your dermatologist, to determine the exact cause of red spots on feet.

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A foot rash can be caused by a whole range of things such as to an allergic reaction, infection or underlying medical condition. Symptoms of foot rashes vary from anything from a small, short-lived, mild rash to one that spreads up the leg, returns frequently and is painful or itchy. Accurate diagnosis of foot and ankle rashes is essential to ensure effective treatment and prevent the rash from spreading, worsening or becoming chronic long-term. There are a number of different causes for foot rashes which all present slightly differently and therefore require different treatment.


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