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If you find you have to go a lot more frequently, learning how to hold your pee can help. Holding your pee for too long can be harmful for you. It can allow excess bacteria to build up in your bladder and can contribute to urinary tract infections.

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Bladder control problems affect the way a person holds or releases urine. A person has urinary incontinence UI when urine leaks accidentally. Talk with a doctor about bladder control problems right away.

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Jump to content. Urinary incontinence is the accidental leaking of urine. It's not a disease.

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Do you often feel the urge to pee and feel like you just can't hold it? Do you head to the bathroom far more than you think is normal? You may have overactive bladder OABa condition that affects about 33 million Americans. With OAB, people experience sudden urges to urinate that they can't control, as well as the need to urinate frequently.

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Urinary incontinence — the loss of bladder control — is a common and often embarrassing problem. The severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that's so sudden and strong you don't get to a toilet in time. Though it occurs more often as people get older, urinary incontinence isn't an inevitable consequence of aging.

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A healthy adult bladder can hold up to 16 ounces, or 2 cups, of urine. The bladder capacity for children under the age of 2 is about 4 ounces. For children older than 2, the capacity can be found by dividing their age by 2, then adding 6.

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Back to Urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence occurs when the normal process of storing and passing urine is disrupted. This can happen for a number of reasons.

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Urinary incontinence UI causes accidental leakage of urine. This underlying medical issue causes a loss of bladder control. Both men and women experience UI.

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First things first. How much do you know about your prostate gland? Situated in between the bladder and the penis, its main job is to produce a fluid that combines with sperm to make semen.

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