3 cm breast tumor

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The stage refers to the size of the tumor and where it has spread. Doctors use a variety of tests to find out the stage of breast cancer. These can include imaging tests, like a CT scanMRIultrasoundand X-rayas well as blood work and a biopsy of the affected breast tissue.

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Your physicians will perform several tests on your tumor tissue to provide specific information about your individual cancer. Your pathology report is one of the resources containing information about your tumor. This report will help guide your healthcare team in planning the appropriate treatment for you.

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T followed by a number from 0 to 4 describes the main primary tumor's size and if it has spread to the skin or to the chest wall under the breast. This includes inflammatory breast cancer. N followed by a number from 0 to 3 indicates whether the cancer has spread to lymph nodes near the breast and, if so, how many lymph nodes are involved. Lymph node staging for breast cancer is based on how the nodes look under the microscope, and has changed as technology has improved.

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Breast cancer surgeon Dr. What did the doctor just say? Your worst fears scream through your mind.

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Put simply, the stage describes how widespread or advanced the cancer is in the breast tissue and possibly other parts of your body. Determining the stage helps doctors explain the breadth of the cancer to you. Breast cancer is also classified according to other characteristics.

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I went to breast clinic on Tuesday I was going for my right breast but they actually found a lump in my left breast. The lady who scanned me said that it's 3cm big and has been there for some time. The needle kept bending.

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The stage of the cancer helps you and your doctor:. Breast cancer stage is usually expressed as a number on a scale of 0 through IV — with stage 0 describing non-invasive cancers that remain within their original location and stage IV describing invasive cancers that have spread outside the breast to other parts of the body. Your pathology report will include information that is used to calculate the stage of the breast cancer — that is, whether it is limited to one area in the breast, or it has spread to healthy tissues inside the breast or to other parts of the body.

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What grade is the breast cancer? What size is the breast cancer? Cancer cells are given a grade according to how different they are to normal breast cells and how quickly they are growing.

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Cells in the body normally divide reproduce only when new cells are needed. Sometimes, cells in a part of the body grow and divide out of control, which creates a mass of tissue called a tumor. If the cells that are growing out of control are normal cells, the tumor is called benign not cancerous.